Ross Breathable Leather Bag

Ross Breathable Leather Bag

Everyone knows the Ross Suede bag. Now, it also available in real leather, yet still without the need for any bag seasoning.

The Ross Breathable Leather Bag gives you the benefits of both the traditional Ross bag combine with classical leather.  The leather is carefully treated, and selected to provide the same breathability as the Breathable Ross Suede Pipe Bag. The combined thickness and weight provides a bag that is comparable to any sheepskin bag, in terms of tone, feel and comfort, yet without the need for any cutting, tying-in, nor seasoning. This means the ultimate in pipe bag experience. Due to the mutli-layer design, the resulting tone is resonant, solid and firm, and the bag feels extremely comfortable under the arm.


The new Ross Breathable Leather Pipe Bag has some major improvements over our previous bags:

1.      Much greater comfort and “feel” to the bags, with a vibrance that is on a par with sheepskin pipe bags

2.      Highly breathable, meaning faster moisture transfer from inside the bag to the outside

3.      Has a much more flexible and free moving zip, for easier opening/closing

4.      Stocks are more easily inserted and removed

5.      The new canister design enables the canisters to be connected and removed with much greater ease

6.      Inside the canister there is an extra 50% more space for granules for the bass drone, which requires more drying than the tenor drones

7.      Air-flow to each of the drones and chanter can be regulated to allow extra moisture to pass through via external colour coded rings

8.      There is a 2.5 year warranty on the bags from the date of purchase


The bag has been designed with dedicated piper’s requirements in mind. Maximum comfort has been a prime objective in the design of the Ross Suede Pipe Bag, and it is arguably the most comfortable pipe bag yet made. There are 6 bag options to choose from, Small, Livingstone (small size bag with drones and blowpipe moved forward), Extended Small (deeper than the Small bag), Extended Small Special (drone & blowpipe moved forward), Medium and Large. Also tailor made bags can be accommodated to suit individual requirements.The “feel”or vibrance that users of sheepskin bag users have always desired, is very evident in the Ross Suede Bag. Very high breathability is also a benefit, in that it allows moisture vapour to quickly travel to the outside of the bag, and not remain inside to accumulate and cause long term moisture issues for the bag, reeds, and poor hygiene. There is absolutely no tying in of stocks.


The Ross Xtra Comfort range is now available at no extra cost as a new ergonomically designed bag shape with a slim front-end bag shape. The Ross Xtra Comfort design minimises contact between bag and forearm, therefore relieving tension in the top hand.

Moisture Control

The canister, which is the major part of the moisture control system. The basic concept of the canister system, is that the air must pass through the canister filled with drying granules prior to reaching the reeds. This canister system, combined with the highly breathable bag, offers pipers the best available means of controlling moisture, which means much greater stability of tone and longevity of reeds. The type of granules used in the Ross Canister system is unquestionably the most efficient moisture absorbing material that can used over and over indefinitely, hence the best method of keeping wet reeds and drones at bay. Drying the granules is achied by placing them in a microwave for a few minutes. A second canister is provided with each complete setup, which provides pipers with a reserve canister for competition days, or long playouts if needed


The air-tight zip makes the task of opening and sealing the bag as simple and convenient as it can get. The air-tight zip used in our bags, is a totally tried and tested product for over 50 years now. They are used extensively in very testing conditions, where the demands are very much greater than in bagpipe bags, so one can rest assured that we are using a highly reliable zip which IS absolutely air-tight.


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