Prince Charlie Jackets

Prince Charlie Jackets

The Prince Charlie Jacket is sometimes referred to as a ‘coatee’.

This is because it is cut slightly higher than other kilt jacket types finishing in line with the waist in order to ensure it does not hide any of the full length of the kilt or the sporran.

The Prince Charlie is a highly decorative double-breasted jacket with lapels that are peaked (coming to a point on the top edge) and often made of a different fabric to the rest of the jacket such as satin.

They come with either a three buttoned vest for wearing with a bow tie or a 5 buttoned vest for wearing with a rouche tie.

The cuffs of the Prince Charlie are decorated with three ornate buttons sewn in a vertical arrangement on a separate piece of cloth which is then sewn onto the sleeve giving the look that the buttons are neatly framed.

The same buttons that are found on the cuff are also found elsewhere on the Prince Charlie: six arranged symmetrically up the jacket fronts (three on each side), one on each of the braided shoulder epaulettes and eight on the two small tails of the coatee.

Our standard colour for Prince Charlie jackets its Black, but they can come be made in any colour you would like. This may change the price slightly, so please confirm at the time of order.

The lead time required to make a prince Charlie Jacket is approx. 8 weeks. Please confirm at the time of ordering your desired delivery time.

Contact us on 8678 8376 for further information to make an appointment.


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