McCallum AB4 Deluxe

McCallum AB4 Deluxe

Product Details

Combed & Beaded African Blackwood
Imitation ivory Projecting Mounts wiyj alloy plates recesses into the top surface.
Beaded & Enclosed Engraved Nickel Ferrules with a choice of patterns. An imitation and engraved alloy mouthpiece. A plastic McCallum pipe chanter with engraved alloy sole

Blowpipe Size Guide

8″ inches suitable for 4ft – 4 ½ ft height
9 inches suitable for 4 ½ ft – 5ft height
10 inches suitable for 5ft – 5 ½ ft height
11 inches suitable for 5 ½ ft – 6ft height
12 inches suitable for 6ft + height

Feel free to ask us for the other items you need to have this pipe fully et up for you.
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