Little Mac Valve (Blowpipe)

Little Mac Valve (Blowpipe)

The Little Mac Blowpipe valve is a reliable alternative to the traditional non-return flap.

The valve is fitted into the end of the blowpipe. It has three individual three pieces, with a replaceable rubber flap which is placed between the body of the valve and the end cap. The valve is cone-shaped, allowing it to be easily inserted into the end of the blowpipe. It can be easily removed for cleaning.

The LittleMac Valve is inserted into the end of the blowpipe, pushed in until it sits firmly.
The diameter of the blowpipe may need to be slightly widened to accommodate the valve.
This can be done using a reamer if need be.

Size need for the conical bore is approx. 9.7 mm to 11 mm


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