Shepherd S3 Bagpipe

Shepherd S3 Bagpipe


African Blackwood Bagpipe with Imitation Ivory Mounts and Nicole ferrules.

The Shepherd S3 Bagpipe:

The S/3 is the regulation army bagpipe pattern. Fully combed turning, imitation ivory projection mounts, imitation ivory ferrules, synthetic chanter, velvet cover and wool cords. (nickel slides optional)

Comes complete and ready to play with a  Canmore pipe bag, Pipe bag Cover, will cords, Polypencoe chanter of your choice on Shepherd Mk3, 480 or Orchestral), SM90 Drone Reeds, Canmore Bag, Tone Enhancers, and a pipe chanter reeds. .

All set up and ready to play straight away with the exception of a pipe case.


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